JV Speech Events

The age range for Verity’s JV speech events is 9-11.

Your child’s age is evaluated as of October 1st each year. Therefore, if your child is 12 on October 2nd, for Verity, and our regional (CCofSE) and national league (Stoa), their age for the year would still be 11. Stoa does not have speech competitions for children who are under age 12 on October 1st so those under 12 will participate and compete under CCofSE speech rules.

Verity follows CCofSE guidelines for all JV speech events.

*Please note that not all tournaments will offer all events.


Photo credit Meg Lansing
Photo credit Meg Lansing
Photo credit Meg Lansing

JV Apologetics

JV Bible Story

JV Persuasive

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