Lincoln Douglas 2023-2024

Lincoln Douglas debate falls under Stoa rules and is for debaters ages 12 to 18. Ages are determined as of October 1st.

This year Verity is offering an option to attend Lincoln Douglas training each week before our club meetings. We will have training at the beginning of the year from an experienced coach, and the rest of the year Verity parents and coaches will be learning and training those interested in participating.

Resolution for 10/1/2023 – 1/31/2024 —

Resolved: A free press ought to prioritize objectivity over advocacy.

Lincoln Douglas explanation from Stoa:

Lincoln Douglas is value debate. A Lincoln Douglas debate examines competing value systems to answer big questions. The purpose of Lincoln Douglas value debate is to instill in Christian home school students the skills of presentation, critical thinking, research, and value analysis. That endeavor is accomplished in an environment of honorable competition that cultivates maturity, wisdom, grace, poise, and brings glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spring Resolution will be announced 12/1/2023

Debated 2/1/2024-3/31/2024

Last Resolution will be announced 3/13/2024

Debated 4/1/2024 – NITOC 2024


  • One student per team.
  • Value oriented debate.
  • Rounds last 47 min.

*Please note that not all tournaments offer Lincoln Douglas Debate.