Public Forum 2023-2024

Proposition--Higher education is overvalued in the United States.


Public Forum explanation from CCofSE:

Academic debate is a persuasive speech event where debaters clash on issues. In Public Forum debate, debaters ages 9 to 13 (14 with coach approval) must be prepared both to advocate for and to refute a given statement or assertion, called a proposition, that expresses a judgment or opinion. Public Forum debate is different from Team Policy debate in that the proposition does not pose a problem that requires a solution. It is different from Lincoln-Douglas debate because it is not concerned with the core value(s) of the proposition. In Public Forum Debate there is no prescribed set of burdens that must be met by either team. The goal is to engage in a clash of ideas. Debaters will present their cases (supported by evidence), cross-examine each other, refute each other’s claims, and reiterate their own claims in order to convince judges to cast a ballot in their favor.

Verity follows CCofSE guidelines for all Public Forum Debates. For Team Policy Debate, Verity and CCofSE both follow all Stoa guidelines.

*Please note that not all out of town tournaments offer Public Forum Debate. 


Verity Public Forum Coaches

Photo credit Meg Lansing