Video Examples

It is often helpful to watch videos of each event. Example videos not only give us ideas on what constitutes an excellent performance, but for new speech students, they can clearly illustrate each type of speech event.

For Stoa members, you can log into the Stoa website and click on the members’ area. Once in the members’ area, select NITOC Finals videos. If you are logged into your computer with the same email you used to register for Stoa, Google drive will provide you with access to the finals videos.

For those who are not Stoa members, or for anyone wishing to watch shorter clips, you can click the dropdown menu, and see our collection of videos. Most of these videos are publicly available on YouTube. We have simply curated the playlists for ease of viewing. These videos are all from Stoa and/or NITOC events and match the events listed under Varsity speech.